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acclux point of sale(pos) on the mac and ipad

acclux point of sale software works on any device
Works on any device

Transform any computer or tablet, you have to a point of sale and be able to manage your store from anywhere. Acclux point of sale works on your Mac, Windows, iPad and Android tablets.

Grow smart with acclux point of sale
Grow Smart

Know your business better by tracking how much you are selling and what you are selling. You will always know how much profit you are making and who's of your employees are working harder.

acclux point of sale fits small and big stores
Fits big & small business

acclux point of sale software beautifully fits the needs of big businesses as well as small business. It's the product that will grow with your business.


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Easily Manage your Business

Track your inventory and outlets statuses, current and today sales from one dashboard that is designed to help you analyze your whole business with just few clicks.

acclux point of sale on Microsoft Surface

acclux point of sale hardware

Quickly setup your point of sale

acclux pos is the easiest point of sale software in setup. We will provide you with the guidance you need to set up your registers and define your products, customers and vendors.

acclux point of sales is easy to use and with all smart functionality built in it, you and your staff will be able to make a sale in minutes.


Safe and easy migration with acclux point of sale

Safe and easy migration

Keep all your data and bring it with you to acclux point of sale, we will ensure your smooth and easy migration to ensure a safe upgrade to acclux point of sale.

If you still in love with your old hardware, you will be able to use. Also, we will provide you with more options if you are thinking to upgrade to new hardware.


with acclux point of sale you can manage all your stores from one place

Manage all your stores from one place

With acclux point of sale, you will be able to manage and view all your stores data in real time from anywhere and using any of your devices.

acclux point of sales provides with scalability to grow your business and you will pay only for what you are using.


With acclux pos, you will always know how much you've sold and what you've sold

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We know what your business is really need

Grow your business with scalable software that grows with what your business need

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